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Welcome back, Spain.

Spain 0 - USA 2

Moving to Huesca tomorrow, and I have the worst hangover ever.

Me mudo a Huesca mañana y tengo la peor resaca de la historia.

Día 8

Happiness meme, last day:

1-A friend is regaining his own happiness :)
2-My English teacher. She's just hilarious.
5-German (I'm really trying my best to improve it and finally I see the results)
7-This girl I was missing appeared in my life again.
8-Finally this meme thing is over!

Meme Día 7

Ok, I should have written this one yesterday.

Happiness meme, Day 7:

1-Hot, hot day.
2-Skipped maths. Ok, that's not good, but bah :D
3-Listened to ABBA for hours. Lol.
4-Oooh I'm starting to like German!
5-Talk with a friend whom I didn't see for a long time.
6-Had lots of fun with him.
7-Siesta! (Actually this is weird, I never have a siesta..)
8-Met the new German teacher (from Austria)

Meme día 6

Happiness meme, day 6:

1-Slept really well.
2-Three teachers didn't come today.
3-Had lots of fun at school.
4-Enjoyed a nice, sunny day: sunbathed and went for a ride by bike with some friends.
5-Fixed somethings I should have fixed long ago.
6-Learnt I have longer to prepare my German exam (Thank Goodness!)
7-Ate a loooot!!
8-I'm feeling good.. at least now :)

Meme día 4

Happiness meme, day 4:

1- Slept really long.
2- Ate looots of biscuits. That's always great.
3- Ate the best pizza ever.
4- Came back to Madrid.
5- Awesome landscape in the way to Madrid.
6- Sunbathed.
7- Didn't find any culé in the whole day. Thank Goodness.
8- Beat my brother at PES. Twice.

Meme día 3

Happiness meme, day 3:

1-Woke up at 6. That's good... at least that's what mom says.
2-Went to Zaragoza by AVE in 'Club class'
3-Hot guy!
4-Zaragoza: awesome city
5-Ate amazing food.
6-Met some old friends that live in Zaragoza.
7-Drank lots of coffee.
8-Went to Huesca..  nice, small city. Or at least that's what mom says.